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This painting reminds me of a rainforest dream with flowy soft lines. It is like looking at a lush, verdant landscape with a dreamlike quality. The colors range from rich greens to vibrant greens, and deep blues, evoking the vibrant and varied flora and fauna of a rainforest.

The lines in the painting are soft and fluid, creating a sense of movement and organic growth. Perhaps you are looking at tall trees with branches that twist and curve, their leaves rustling in the gentle breeze.  The white flowy lines could be vines weaving in and out of the composition, their petals and tendrils curling and intertwining. 


The overall effect of the painting is tranquility with movement and peacefulness. The soft white lines and dreamlike quality give the painting a sense of otherworldliness, as if it exists in a realm somewhere between reality and imagination :).  


Beautiful details bring this painting to life. Each one is unique and different. Every painting is varnished and protected with a UV coating.


Hand painted, with alcohol inks on canvas. The painting is 30"x30"on a gallery wrap canvas with a thick 1.5” depth.


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