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I love love scrolls and swirls, flower patterns....  I always loved drawing them with pencils, but growing up in Hungary during communism, we were not provided with brushes and paint and art was somewhat frowned upon as not necessary or useful. So it has been only within the last few years that I discovered how much I loved painting.  My beloved scrolls and swirls flow and I love them even more :).  I am also in love with alcohol inks. They are magical, mesmerizing, almost uncontrollable and relaxing, the exact opposite of my perfectly placed swirls :).  Once I combined them, I loved both even more, they just seem to make a perfect combination, from the imperfections grow something magical and perfect!

I also create large fine art, resin art, love to paint murals where I am free to bring my own creativity to the project.  


I hope my paintings will bring beauty and happiness to your life :).

So happy to have been included in the Sun Prairie Star :).  You can find the full article by clicking on the link :). 


I also designed the Waunakee Wings Mural, the tv interview from NBC 15:

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